Monthly Weight Check in 8/26/16


Sorry about being late…I’ve been running a bit behind on my posts. This should have been done yesterday but life gets in the way sometimes….lol!!

This month I did better then I did last month! I still did not reach that number that I want for last month but you know what….I still did amazing!! I went from 178.8 to my current weight of 176.6. So with that being said, even though I did not get to my goal for this month I’m not upset. Because I am making positive progress….because I am losing it….because I know I will do it!!! I am taking my successes and celebrating them. I am going to enjoy the fact that I am able to breathe better because of the endurance I am building up. I am loving the fact of the way my clothes fit and the fact I am able to get into clothing that has not fit me for at least a year. Here’s to looking better, feeling better, and enjoying life!!!

With all this being said I am not increasing my goal this month. I am going to keep it at last month’s goal. Why you ask? Because I need to get to that…I am doing it but it is going to take a little bit more.


My next monthly goal September 30, 2016 – 173 pounds     current weight: 176.6

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