A little brag….


Yes I know I should not brag and I have already posted an update about my progress but you know what I don’t care…lol!! I feel good today!! I accomplished two things today, so far….I had a breakthrough on my gazelle!! Before my trip I had been doing 20:00 mins and averaging 1.2 – 1.3 miles. Today going for 20 mins I hit 1.65 miles!! I was so happy!! I know it does not seem like a huge amount, but when you go from a point when you can hardly breathe at just a little over a mile and you are so close to 2 miles in the same length of time it feels like you just conquered the world. Ok that might be exaggerating but it is an amazing feeling!! The second thing I accomplished was the Camel Pose or the Ustrasana * in yoga. For those that do not do yoga this might not seem like too much considering awhile back I also was able to get into the Wheel pose or the Urdhva Dhanurasana .* The Camel pose was always harder for me because I have had issues with my shoulders. But this morning when I did my yoga I made the attempt and my back and shoulders released and I was able to go into it so easily. I was so happy!!! So I’m done with my brag today 😀



*The pictures came from http://www.Yogajournal.com.


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