New Start…Have to do this!!!


As I have said in may posts in the last year, I am trying to get down to my ideal weight. Reality says my ideal weight is like 140 pounds. Where that is a possibility for me to do, it’s not exactly where I would feel comfortable…at least at this moment. That’s why I have set my goal at 150. That being said I have not reached the goal I wanted to. I could make every excuse in the book and I could say it’s because it’s genetic…etc. But I don’t believe that…not really. I know it was me being lazy and eating things I should not. I know it’s because I did not do the exercising I should have done. I know if I just keep my head straight I can do it. So starting today, I am resetting my goal timeframe. I am going to start again with a new year and possibilities. I realize this sounds like I am quitting but I am not. Let me say that again…I AM NOT QUITTING.

SO with everything I have just said I am posting my goals once again that I am setting for myself here:

  1. get weight down from 180 pounds to 150 pounds by June 16, 2017
  2. will make a full progress post every 4 months
  3. set monthly attainable goals
  4. post weekly to keep track
  5. eat better (limit junk food, no bread)
  6. drink more water
  7. exercise once every day (yoga, walking, strength exercises)

I know everyone here says well you are already, so you say, doing this. I know and I know that I have not been on track like I should. That is me and I will make this happen. I have to…that’s all I can say. Now I just have to keep reminding myself.






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