Week 31…


Not much has changed. I am trying to stay positive but when you are not seeing any visible results…it stinks. I’m not complaining…not really. Because I started out with this not to just lose weight but to change myself from the inside out. That is what is happening. I am able to do more than when  first started this journey. I am able to function better and I know my insides feel better 🙂   I just wished now that the inside is feeling better, the outside would look better….lol. I just have to be patient I guess. It will all come together in the end.


My age: 38

My height: 5′ 7″

My weight: 181.6 lbs

My bust: 38 in

My waist: 34 in

My Hips: 38.5 in


3 thoughts on “Week 31…

  1. I haven’t gone back to your older posts – been kept too busy by Blogging 101 and other obligations! So I don’t know if you described what approach you are taking to lose weight and sort of remake yourself. But I’ve noticed the posts with no progress, so I wanted to share my experience. I’ve been battling yo-yo weight all my life. As I’ve aged, the yo-yo pounds start and end at a higher range then in my younger years, such that I top out around where you are, and no longer go down to those coveted low weights. I was bemoaning the fact that I think I’m eating healthy and in reasonable quantities, and exercise regularly. A (brave) friend told me if I’m not losing weight, I’m not balancing the calories in, calories out with a losing formula (i.e. eating fewer calories than I expended). I was livid – I hardly ate anything, and I was more active than a lot of people I know. She persisted, and suggested I try one month of Nutrisystem – not because it was the best and only way to lose weight, but because it would teach me what really are proper sized meals that would enable me to lose weight. I finally tried it, and (depressingly) a woman my age (66) really can’t eat much. But following that program over 5 months allowed me to lose 30 pounds and approach a much healthier way of eating and living. As a younger woman, you’d be able to eat more than me. But the hard lesson I learned was what I thought was eating reasonably was not allowing me to lose weight. The reality check of the smaller portions in Nutrisystem resulted in weight loss that had seemed out of my reach. I applaud your taking a long-range approach to getting healthy and not crash dieting. I just encourage you to try the portion-size test. Even if you think you’re eating the right number of calories, you are not if you aren’t losing weight.

    I’ll shut up now.

    • It’s a situation I think I am at a physical turning point, both because of my age and eating too much, that I have to figure out what I need to do. I have been eating less but as you are saying here…I’m not eating the correct portion size. I have thought about doing Nutrisystem but have not convinced myself to go and do it. I may do it or something similar if I don’t see any changes soon. Thank you 🙂

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