Making Better Decisions


Very true!! Words to live by 🙂

Assorted Thoughts

1- Start the day right

Whether that means having a ton of protein, working out, or making your coffee at home (I make my coffee exactly how I like it better than any barista). Figure your shit out and do it.

2- Show up

3- Pick your battles

You can’t give equal fucks about everything. It’s just not possible. And if you disagree, then you’re delusional. Learn to let shit go. Sometimes it takes less energy to stand there and wait it out while someone acts like a fool than to actually do something about it. In times like those, save your energy for things that matter. Like picking what show you’re going to bingenext on Netflix. It’s all about priorities.

4- Ask for help

No one is perfect, nor are we perfectly capable of weathering every metaphorical storm. Being vulnerable to and with others is how we bond as…

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