Week 13 – I’m still here :)


I am definitely still here. Not too much difference then last week. I am going to find what it is that can kick-start this. I am feeling so much better than before I started this but I am not getting where I want to be. I know today I am more swelled up then I have been since I started this but I think that is more because I did not drink enough water yesterday and so I paying for that today. I normally don’t have too much issue with that but sometimes it can be hard to actually drink as much as you should. So here’s to another week…hopefully next week will be better!

My age: 37 (almost 38)

My height: 5′ 7″

My weight: 184.2 lbs

My bust: 38 in

My waist: 34.5 in

My Hips: 39 in


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