Today and at least for a couple of weeks


As I stated in my post yesterday, I injured my knee. It’s not a new injury it’s one that happened a long time ago and tends to flare up if I do too much or if I wear the wrong shoes (yes shoes). So staring today, as much as I hate to give it up, I am not going to be doing the exercise I started due to my knee. I am not going to completely give it up, I am just putting it on the shelf until my knee gets better. I am still doing my yoga because it’s not as stressful on my joints. In place of the above exercise I am doing stationary cycling. It did not hurt too much this morning when I did it so I will be doing that for awhile. If I get good results I may incorporate it into my routine after my knee gets better. We will have to wait and see. But for now, I have to make the change, at least temporarily.

Just for giggles…here is my results for my first day of cycling:

20:00 min

4.68 mi

101.2 cal

I may seriously keep it 🙂


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