A goal within a goal


Today marks week eight of my weight loss journey and I am learning about myself so much. I found out how much I missed doing things that I had stopped doing like yoga, hiking, and other things that were getting hard to do. Now that I have went 2 months into my long-term goal and have got a bit of my energy back, I am going to set myself a short-term goal. Sort of a goal within a goal. I am happy with my progress but I have a bit of a personal request for myself. My 38th birthday is coming up in 8 weeks. I want to be under 170 lbs by my birthday. I know I might be pushing it and I might not make it, but you know what I am going to do myย best toย do it. And my reward if I do, other than losing 10 lbs, I am going to buy myself 2 brand new outfits and get rid of the old ones. I know that sounds shallow but I’m not a big money spender. I mean I do like to shop but when you are living on a budget to reach other goals you have to limit yourself to what you can and can’t spend. To be honest I have not really done anything for myself in a while. I mean other than buy myself a few basic necessities. So that is my reward on my birthday I am going to buy myself some new clothes to celebrate my weight loss as well as my 38th year. So here’s to my new goal within my goal, I am going to do it!!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚


12 thoughts on “A goal within a goal

  1. Bridgette's Digits ๐Ÿ”› An Epic Weight Loss Journey

    It’s always good 2 reward yourself… as long as its not with food and getting rid of the old cloths is smart because your removing a fail safe by not having anything to go back to. Congrats on your weight loss and keep up the hard work that it takes to keep those pounds off.

  2. Oh my gosh … buy those clothes!!! There’s nothing shallow about feeling good out in the world!!! Also … don’t lose sight of the fact that you have indeed done something huge for yourself by taking charge of your health/weight. With each healthy decision you make, each day, you’re honoring the gift of a functioning body and full life that you’ve been given. Congratulations!

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