Fried Potatoes


Ok I know in the grand scheme of things this might not be the best snack food in the world. But to be honest compared to french fries that you get from a fast food joint I believe they are a bit healthier. I did not use any where near as much oil as a fast food place would and these are honest to goodness potatoes. Sometimes I wonder what you get outside.

8 small potatoes

3 leaves of basil (if dried use 1/4 tsp)

4 tbs of olive oil salt and pepper as desired

serves 4-6 as a snack


1. Peel, dice, and wash potatoes set aside  ( you can cut the potatoes how ever you wish. Sometimes I cut in French fry form also in slices too)

2. Add oil to skillet…turn on med. Wait till warms up

3. add salt to skillet while warming up

4. add potatoes to hot oil. Allow to brown on all sides till done.

WP_20150724_15_24_32_Pro      WP_20150724_15_22_18_ProWP_20150724_15_38_39_Pro Enjoy!!


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