Ok I may not be the biggest fan of exercise but you know….I need to do it. Today, as I have in the last few days that I have started my new routine, I exercise after my hubby goes to work and the kids are still in bed. It takes about 30 mins to go through my routine. May not be the best routine in the world at this point but hey…at least at is somewhere to start. My routine is as follows:

Plank: 3 sets for 15 sec

Side plank: alternate sides, 3 sets 15 sec

Leg lifts: alternate legs, lift 20x, 3 sets

Lunge with rotation: alternate sides, 15 times, 3 sets

Inverted plow: 15 sec, 3 sets

I know I need more but this is where I am starting. I am also limiting my calorie intake to 1800 calories a day and believe me I feel the difference in that. I am drinking more water…I am following the 3 liter a day rule that I did in an experiment not too long ago. It made me feel a lot better to do that and I figure with eating less and exercising more might as well continue with that.

I know I can do it!!!!


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