The end of the month…


I am sitting here at 4:30 in the morning looking at the screen when I should be looking at my budget for next month. Whereas we have already planned the budget out for the month, I like to look back and see what we could have done better in the first 6 months of the year so we can better prepare for the next 6 months. We go back and look at what we have spent and see if we can do better. I can honestly say we have done better this year then we did last year at this time. Part of that, at least I think, was due to my deciding to start meal planning and having a list for everything I go to buy in the grocery store. I think because of the way I am cooking the meals I have leftovers so hubby does not have to buy all the prepackaged things he was buying for his lunch. So all in all a win-win 🙂

Also in the last six months, we made the last car payment. Yay!! So that makes a difference in our pocket. But that payment is not going to a frivolous thing. That payment is going to go to pay more to another bill, which hopefully we can pay down a lot quicker. 🙂

As I am sitting here, I wonder how else we can trim the budget and still have what we want. I see things that I can get rid of and probably will eventually. But right now, I can honestly say, we are doing better. And guess what….that’s all that matters!!


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