my experiment pt 3


I am sorry guys about it being more than 2 weeks since an update but I do have valid reasons….LIFE….lol!!! Between the kids, homeschooling, husband, and me getting an ear infection…as I said life happened. But I did continue with the water even after the 4 week period. What I have noticed with the 3 liter a day experiment, 1. I sleep better 2. I do not have as many headaches 3. I am hungry less. I am not saying these will be for everyone but to be honest I was surprised about the sleeping better. I don’t wake up as much at night as I did. As far as my appearance goes I no longer see the dark circles under my eyes and the bags have got less. So as I promised…here are my pictures:

week 1:                                                    week 2:

DSC09597    DSC09598

week 3:                                week 4:

WP_20150408_17_37_56_Pro         DSC09466

I’ll be honest I did see a change but not as much a change as I felt inside. I intend to continue as best as I can with the 3 liter a day because it does make me feel better. Who knows maybe in the long term it will make more of a difference in my appearance.  Now if I can get rid of this pesky ear infection I’ll be in good shape.

If you all did it let me know if there was any drastic changes you saw or felt. Would love to hear about it 🙂


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