My experiment


Ok now I realize that drinking water is good for you but honestly I wonder how good it is. I was reading an article:  Drinking three liters of water a day took TEN YEARS off my face and in this article it as talking about how this woman in the UK started drinking 3 liters of water a day for 4 weeks to alleviate some health issues she was having….poor digestion, headaches..etc. Her doctors recommended she start to do this because it was obvious to them that she was not getting enough hydration. Well needless to say as shown in the above article it made a big change in her appearance and she lost a few pounds as well (she had been exercising).

I know this not a cure all for everything but I am kind of curious as to see if I could produce the same results in myself (appearance) because my skin is not as fresh as it used to be (dark circles, bags under my eyes…etc) and my joints are a bit stiffer as well (I am exercising again). Starting today I am going to incorporate the 3-liter a day into my routine and after 4 weeks I am going to post the before and after pics on here and let you all be the judge as to whether it is hype or truth. I for one think it is true but we will see.

5 thoughts on “My experiment

  1. Can’t wait to see the after pix! I think I’ll go and do the 3 litre water experiment too! I am so sure it will only do wonderful things! Happy weekend from misty Helsinki! Sharon

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