How I discovered a homemade remedy for eczema….goat milk soap.


I have dealt indirectly with eczema since my daughter was born and I can tell you it is such an irritating skin disorder that would drive even the most tolerant person nuts. My poor daughter from the time she was about 6 months old she has had to deal with it. We had tried every form of treatment to reduce the breakouts and the itchiness. We’ve tried all the expensive creams and ointments. We tried the oatmeal and Epsom salt baths as well. We even tried to change your diet due to people saying it was allergies. Well, nothing worked. That is until we went on field trip to a cheese making factory that used goat milk for their cheeses. We went through the factory watching the cheese making process (the kids got a kick out of that) and their explanation on how their company got started. As we were getting ready to leave, we went by their gift shop to buy some of the cheese (which is absolutely delicious) and saw the soap. I didn’t think anything about it because I had heard so many remedies by this point for eczema and tried most of them. So many that even my daughter, at the time was 8 yrs old, rolled her eyes at the possibility of this actually working. Regardless of what either of us thought, we went ahead and bought a bar. When I tell you that I cannot even put into words the improvement I doubt you will believe me. Within 2 weeks the eczema was all but cleared up. Within 6 weeks there was no more breakouts or sores where she was scratching. That was almost 2 yrs ago. She still uses the soap and it has not come back. She has not had to use any steroid ointments any more on her skin. She still uses the cream that she was before but that is an over the counter cream…no medicine in it…and that is because she likes to be out in the sun and her skin dries out. I was so amazed by the goat milk soap and what it has done for her skin. She no longer scratches herself to death leaving the sores. If anyone who reads this has eczema please try to find pure goat milk soap and try it. What have you got to lose?  😀  I’m sure you will find out as we did the difference it makes.


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