I’m not good at keeping up with writing as is obvious here lately. It’s not that I am particularly busy. It’s just I haven’t gotten over the fact so many can read everything I write. I don’t want to hide but I am a private person who rarely lets her emotions out. Usually when that happens it has got too much to take and I vent through words. I wonder if that is the best way to do it or not. It’s hard to open up especially when you’re not a person who does it very often.

As I said in my last post, my Uncle passed away a few days ago and now that the funeral is over life goes on. My aunt is still very heartbroken and my father is still very upset. There’s not much I can do except be there for my dad. I wish I could do something more but when some one dies I guess that’s the way it is. He’s coming back home today…I’m sure a bit different…but like everything else, life goes on. He will go back to work and will continue the way he did before. My aunt will be the same way. Her life will go back to normal. But both will be a little different.

Sometimes I wonder if everything we do is worth it? Because we can’t stop the inevitable and when we try to be better or do better we end up getting pushed down. Really why do we keep trying? But even as I ask this question, I look at my kids and I know the reason. So like everyone else I will keep going till I can’t anymore…just like my dad.

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